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Aftonbladet Interview 2009


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2009, March 12


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Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet published an article/interviewed regarding Dead by April's success with the Robinson trailer on March 12, 2009. Johan is the only member of the band interviewed in the article.

The article is written by Josefine Lindén. 


The interview was done in Swedish and is therefore translated into English.

Dead By April, the band behind Robinson song

Many have been wondering about the amazing song in this year's Robinson trailer. The song is called "Losing You" and here are the guys behind it.

Dead by April are five guys from Gothenburg who two years ago started to write and post songs on Myspace. They have all played in other bands before but together they realized that they were something extra. The response was immediate and soon the band charted on unsigned lists and had fansites in Asia and Japan. The praise poured in and the countless shows the band have played during the two years of existence would make most established artists green with envy. This without even having released an album.

When asked about being in the trailer for Robinson they hesitated the first:

"Well, at first we didn't know what to do", says Johan, the band's loquacious guitarist. "We were not sure if it was the right forum and worried that it would be too much reality show about it. When we got to see the trailer and hear about how TV4 imagined the program there was no longer any doubt. Robinson this year feels tough and the trailer with our music is really awesome. Cinematic and intense at the same time! Truly Lost- esteem!"

It is an understatement to say that many agree. "What's the name of the song in the Robinson trailer?" is currently the most asked question both in our Robinson Forum. 

"We're having a blast", says Johan."I 've been to Barcelona on vacation for a while and come home to this was wonderful!"

The name Dead By April are said to reflect the group's mixed style of music, the aggressiveness meets the soft, the death against "life's month" as the band describes April. The band's music is described as "metal that refuses to be locked up in standards or preconceptions about how heavy metal should sound or be" a sort of mix between metal and pop if you will. When asked whether they prefer Metallica or Backstreet Boys Johan however answer quickly "Nah then I have to say Metallica, they are no favorites but I'm a rocker basically and will remain like that."

Right now the band records a video for the song that will premiere around the same time as Robinson and the album comes out in May. In the meantime you can listen to and discover more of the band on their Myspace.