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The Tivoli 2009


The Tivoli, Helsingborg, Sweden


2009, September 25




  • Jimmie Strimell
  • Pontus Hjelm
  • Johan Olsson
  • Marcus Wesslén
  • Alexander Svenningson


2009-09-24 - Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg, Sweden


2009-09-30 - Waterfront, Norwich, England

On September 25, 2009 Dead by April played a show at the Tivoli in Helsingborg. Opening acts for the show was Adept. 


The concert was announced on July 31, 2009 and tickets were released immediately. [1] The Dead by April-hype was immediate and it didn't take long for the band to sell out. 

Prior to the show the band played an acoustic set at the music store We Love Music, and after that Johan Olsson was interviewed by local newspaper HD where he spoke about the bands musical journey. [2]

The show was completely sold out and the Tivoli even wrote on their official Facebook "Dead by April = cue around the house." This was also Dead by April's final concert in Sweden for over a month, before the band went on their first tour in the UK.

Set list

No official setlist exists from the concert.

Song analysis

Promise Me and Losing You are the only known recordings from the concert - both songs in fairly scrubby quality.

Promise Me

  • Jimmie screamed the ending of pre-chorus 2. 

Losing You


Joachim Smith from Helsingborgs Dagblad reviewed the show. [3]

Eventful with Dead By April

Coconuts are cracked, one by one. An intensive crumbling. Also: Dead By April from Angered in Gothenburg, via a tropical island and a favorable music trailer for an expedition called Robinson survives obviously a more stifling climate than others. At a sold out The Tivoli in Helsingborg, Dead By April doesn't pretend with their fascination - their own little unique specimen - to unite constant growls, synth carpets and cleaving guitar riffs with a bundle of constant pop choruses.

Perhaps not without getting an occasional dirty word in the neck, there will always be puritans, but according to your preference: one can't do just as well without the other. The singer Jimmie Strimmel, also Hin Håles cousin, at least half the time, is delightful dramatic and throws himself between the extremes. Dynamics, contrasts, frenzy and harmonies a la boy band (yes, that too) engages beyond the expected. Something happens - all the time.

The highlight is the single runner-up What Can I Say, the slightly heavier Stronger and, as the band itself presents it, the pop song Promise Me.

The response from the audience, a young one, are difficult to deny; the quintet pulls a smile, again and again, and invite up to a responsibly moshpit. Sure, maybe it all becomes a little too cute sometimes. Not least when guitarist Pontus Hjelm, with his mohawk and pumped-up arms, takes clean vocals to  new falsetto heights.

Nice? True, but still. With the explosiveness Dead By April shows in front of a sparse decor, without fire and frills, and with only one album in their luggage, they let the important speak for itself - the music. That's enough. Now England is up, one island at a time.