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Waterfront 2009
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Waterfront, Norwich, England


2009, September 30




  • Jimmie Strimell
  • Pontus Hjelm
  • Johan Olsson
  • Marcus Wesslén
  • Alexander Svenningson


2009-09-25 - The Tivoli, Helsingborg, Sweden


2009-10-01 - The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, England

On September 30, 2009 Dead by April played a show at the Waterfront in Norwich during the Skindred Tour 2009. Dead by April and Karnivool were the opening acts for Skindred.


This was the first date on Dead by April's tour as the opening act for Skindred. Throughout October, the band was on the road in the UK along with Skindred.

Set list

No set list exists from the show. Angels of Clarity, Promise Me, Erased and Losing You are known songs from the show. 

Song analysis

Fortunately, there are four complete songs from the debut night of the tour. All songs are in very good quality and showcases a Dead by April in good shape.

Angels of Clarity

  • Jimmie missed some lyrics in verse 1.
  • During the first chorus the playback vocals are barely audible, but during chorus 2 they are brought up in volume.

Promise Me

  • Pontus sang harmonies with Jimmie during both verse 1 & 2.
  • Jimmie screamed the ending of both pre-chorus 1 & 2.
  • Pontus sang "as a time in your life" in the last part of chorus 3.


  • Jimmie didn't scream the first part of verse 1.
  • Pontus didn't sing "hold me close" prior to pre-chorus 3.
  • Jimmie screamed "emptiness in me" during pre-chorus 4.

Losing You