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Johan Olsson




2009, December 08


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Johan Olsson was interviewed on December 8, 2009 for the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet

Johan lists the three nicest people he met during 2009. The article was written by Mattias Kling. 


The interview was done in Swedish and is therefore translated into English.

1. Christian Stevenson

One of the officers of the Monster Energy in Europe and a total crazy dude! Nothing is strange and he is always in the centre of his stories, ideas and jokes. Took the whole Dead By April to the Gauchos in London for the best steak I've ever eaten, classy place if you say so! The day before the same guy was crapped full in a glitter-green romper and screamed his lungs out to Avenged Sevenfold with us at Sonisphere UK.

2Jon Stockman (Karnivool)

Australians Karnivool is one of the better and nicest bands I've met in my life. Total casual and great guys who love music and wants to have fun. There were many drunkards together during the autumn on the England tour. Fairest of them all, however, was bassist Jon, who incidentally persuaded Benji of Skindred to "burn" his hickey on the neck (or actually disguise it as a burn with a cigarette) for his fiancée would come and visit. "If I burn myself I'm just stupid, or else I have to explain shit."

3. Tomt'n (Crew for Meshuggah, Crucified Barbera etc.)

When we played in Eskilstuna with among others Crucified I had forgotten my power cable to the amplifier and had to borrow from this immensely sympathetic northerner as it was the first time we formally met through a note that read "Leave it at the hotel reception, kiss on the pelvis." The evening ended with me, Tomt'n and our tour manager Olle, sitting in our room, drinking beer and talking fuzzy music till around six in the morning.