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Losing You is a track by Dead by April on their eponymous debut album, as well as the first single. It was written by Pontus Hjelm and Jimmie Strimell

Song information

Losing You dates back to early days of Dead by April in 2007. It's a classic DBA song in triple time, and probably the most famous Dead by April song released. Pontus own description of Losing You is that it's the ultimate Dead by April song that really captures the band's sound.

The song is moreover largely responsible for Dead by April's breakthrough. The single was released March 6, 2009 and around the same time the song was used in the promotional video for the Swedish survival program Robinson. Interest for the unknown band behind the advertising song became gigantic and Losing You became a huge success for Dead by April. Johan Olsson regarding the Robinson adventure

"Well, at first we didn't know what to do. We were not sure if it was the right forum and worried that it would be too much reality show about it. When we got to see the trailer and hear about how TV4 imagined the program there was no longer any doubt. Robinson this year feels tough and the trailer with our music is really awesome. Cinematic and intense at the same time! Truly Lost- esteem!"

The song went to number one on the singles chart and stayed at the Swedish chart for six and a half months.

Losing You is largely characterized by a string arrangement. Although there exist strings on the demo, the strings are given more space on the album version. According to Jimmie Strimell it was producer Henrik Edenhed who came up with idea to expand the strings. The string arrangement was recorded by a real string orchestra of eight persons. Female singer Jessica Gustavsson provided backing vocals for the song.

"Losing You being a really kind of Dead by April song. All the Dead by April elements are in it. It was out first single back in Sweden on top of the charts there. It's a really good song to perform. There's a lot of energy in Losing You as well. You've got the growls, the clean vocals, the chorus, the middle part." [1]